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Rosie Dinsmore

Rosie Dinsmore
My name is Rosie Dinsmore and I have been drawing ever since I was little,even though back then my drawings weren’t very…well done. I am 11 years old and one of my inspirations for art is my family.

I have five family members who are artists and my grandfather and I often paint together when we visit. With him I have painted two acrylic paintings and a few drawings as well. The drawing of the two babies I made from a photograph of my brother and me when we were little.

The other quilled face that I made was just from my imagination rather than from a photo. My favorite medium to work in is pencil or pastels. I enjoy making art because it is relaxing and I like the challenge of recreating things in real life on paper.



Rosie DinsmoreRosie Dinsmore