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Leslie Fisette

Leslie Fisette

After leaving a career in biotechnology, Leslie expanded her work in art. Many years ago,she started studying Oriental Brush Painting as a creative exercise for the other side of her brain.  She has studied with Susan Link,NingYeh, I-HsiungJu, Jing-huaGao Dalia, and Ming-Chien Liang. After practicing many styles of brush painting, Leslie realized that although it is important to follow the rules and principals, she can't help but generate her own style.

As well, life in Pioneer Valley is full of certified distractions. She has become a certified Zentangle Teacher and a certified therapy dog handler and a certified Master Gardener. She continues to study art with Western Massachusetts artists Q Lee Holmes and Deb Rubin, as her current work exemplifies.


Leslie FisetteLeslie Fisette