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Attar Mellea

attarSince 1998, Attar has immersed her self in the studies of American Belly Dance and Raks Sharki.  In 2002 Attar began offering small classes and opened the Dancing Dragon Studio in Greenfield MA.  After moving to the hilltowns, Attar closed the Dancing Dragon and offered classes in Amherst and Northampton.  Attar is also a certified Reiki Master, trained doula (DONA and CAPPA), and holds a B.A. in Sociology.

As a teacher
Attar has taught many who are now professional teachers and performers themselves. The School of American Belly Dance is a western Massachusetts based business. Classes and workshops are hosted by local studios and businesses through out the area.

Troupe Work
Attar's first troupe experience was with Ozymandias out of Worcester in 2002. After that she formed the two troups, ADhAM and Tiamat as well as Alnilam and Raks Mahsati.

Attar's performances are both professional, and traditional; with an elegance of Egyptian and American Cabaret styles. Attar performs at cultural family gatherings as a belly dancer, including weddings, anniversary parties, bridal showers, and birthday parties.