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Anne Beresford

BeresfordMy work often materializes at the intersection of image and language: text becomes image and image textual. Like music with lyrics, or the spoken word with dance, I am interested in the clash, synergies and resonances that occur when the visual and the literal are juxtaposed.

I rely on a materiality of image-making that is tactile and kinetic: I love inexactness, or surprise, where fragility, process and the passage of time are made manifest. I often work in printmaking where the mirroring of images, subtle textures, and paper qualities all contribute to the gestalt of an image/concept. Each piece is unique, although for each theme there may be variations. The pieces are often romantically nostalgic, a bit mysterious, geeky, ambiguous, or incongruous – hinting at suggestions of the infinite & unknowable.

The two pieces here fit loosely into the conceptual framework of a body of work I call Free4All. Each piece announces or advertises events and elements that most of us commonly enjoy for free. This body of work has been my focus for the past several years (with some digressions). These pieces function as unbridled celebrations of the temporality and transcendence of the commonplace: broadsides, frontispieces, & drawings, all acting as endorsements of joy in the quotidian.