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First Mountain Design

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First Mountain Design
Cynthia Thomas & Shirley Thomas

First Mountain Design

We are two women, sisters-in law, who live in a small town in western Massachusetts with our husbands, Brooke and Roy, and our rescue Gordon Setter, Abby, and rescue cats, Emily & Guy Noir. We share a common philosophy about clothing design and about most things in general. We wear what we make; if we wouldn't wear it we won't make it.

We design our clothing for women who enjoy being themselves. They are sewn by New England women who have consciously chosen their workplace, working conditions, hours, and wages. Our goal is to help keep talented local women working.

We believe in local responsibility. Part of our proceeds benefits local charities: The Western Massachusetts Food Bank, which distributes food to those in need, & the Amherst Survival Center, which distribute food & clothing to area residents.

Beautiful, unspoiled views inspire us. At the end of every working day we walk to the top of Long Hill with our dogs and gaze across the valley. And if there is snow on the ground, you will find us sledding down the long, winding trail, silk fiesta pants and all. Come spring and summer you will see us tending our gardens (in fiesta pants) after hours. Shirley grows the most wonderful flowers.


First Mountain DesignFirst Mountain Design