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Corina Barrett

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Ruth West

As a longtime member of the Leverett Historical Society, I understand that documentation is important. I imagine100 years from now; some person digging through the archives at the town hall, Field Museum or School House saying “ I wonder what the arts looked like in Leverett in the beginning of the 21 century?”

This book, the second in the series, gives an ideas of who we are and what we were doing in 2013. Five years ago when I did this, I documented just the visual artists in town. This time I have added musicians, dancers, and writers. It is a self selecting group, there is no jury,or governing body saying this one is an artist and this one is not. I believe that the creative spirit should be celebrated in everyone from our youngest artist age 11 to our oldest at 88.

But why a book? The world of information storage keeps changing. We have gone from books, to slides, to VHS, to CDs, DVDs , and finally the internet. Each time a new approach to media appears, the old gets lost. I believe the fewer devices that we put between us and our work, the more likely we will be able to see it in 100 years. But to keep with current media, I will also create an ebook and a website attached to the town of Leverett and the Historical Society.

This is just a sampling of Leverett artists. There are probably three times as many who are not represented here. Getting artists to send work is like catching water in a sieve. Hopefully, the work of the 40 artists that I have gathered will give the viewer a sense who we are now.

Supported by a grant from the Mass Cultural Council.