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Cynthia Thomas - fiddler

Cynthia Thomas

play it by ear... that’s what I do, in music & life alike.  music is my friend, my constant companion.  it’s my true voice.  through music I can express myself in ways I can’t with words.  there is no language barrier with music, it speaks to all.

from morning when I first open my eyes to evening when I fall asleep, there is always a tune coursing through my head.  while working, talking, driving, walking, like a radio on 24/7, a tune is always playing.  I don’t find it distracting - well, most times I don’t - instead, I find it comforting

ten years ago my nephew asked me to play for his wedding.  yikes!  I had played classical violin as a child but put it aside when I went to high school  where, other than chorus, there was no music program.  it had been so long ago that I didn’t know my nephew knew I played violin!  I rose to the challenge, got up to speed, & played for his wedding... fiddle.  after the wedding there was no putting my fiddle away.  I had found my voice.

I am fortunate to live in leverett.  the pioneer valley is incredibly rich in traditional music & dance.  credit the kaynor family for encouraging that.  the guiding star & montague granges, munson library, pub sessions, house sessions, music camps, workshops, soirées, intimate gatherings with friends... so many opportunities to play, & dance.   accompanying the mix are the wonderful friendships & camaraderie nurtured through making music.  what a community.  I love it!

currently I play in a small band - french press - with doug feeney on fretted instruments & ken karpowicz on accordion.  what captures our ears & hearts are québécois, breton, french, & cajun tunes - anything with a french accent.  their melodies, harmonies, chording, rhythms are unique - sometimes joyous, sometimes haunting, played straight or crooked, fast or slow, wild or elegant, passionate or gay - it’s all good.

making music with friends is sublime - the mix of instruments, listening to one another, playing off one another, blending as one, improvising spontaneously, the eye contact, the groove.  then there’s the silence.  when we end a tune, our slow, subtle, satisfied smiles speak for themselves.  in those moments time stands still, it has no meaning.  I am fulfilled.