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Jane Gruber

Jane Gruber

My artwork is a culmination of a lifetime's inner and outer work so far. The format for my art is the mandala, which means sacred circle in Sanskrit. The mandala provides an external reminder of the internal center toward which I aspire. The process of creating these pieces has helped me to heal in many ways and to create order,balance, harmony and focus in my life. Through the use of colors and design, my intention is to heal the viewer, as I have been healed ----physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On a spiritual self-growth quest in Nepal and India, I met an Indian rug maker.I knew my artwork could be transformed into beautiful prayer rugs and thus a collaboration was born.I feel truly blessed  to be able to bring my mandala process to this ancient meditation art form.My prayer is that you will enjoy my artwork as much as I have enjoyed its creation.


Jane GruberJane Gruber