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Anne Louise White &
The Leverett Community Chorus

Anne Louise White Leverett Community ChorusThe Leverett Community Chorus brings together people of all ages to experience the joy of singing together. Chorus rehearsals are social events where community members can get to know one another and feel a part of a collaborative endeavor. Together we create a supportive environment that encourages children and adult singers to gain confidence in their musical abilities. The chorus has served as an integral part of community life in Leverett for the past eleven years. We have shared our music at community concerts, memorial services, retirement communities, and at Leverett Library functions.

Music reading is not a prerequisite. Beginning and advanced singers are invited to join in this community and experience the joy of harmony singing. Our choral repertoire is drawn from a variety of cultures and musical styles. Even people who think they "can't carry a tune in a bucket" in no time find themselves part of a glorious choir.


Anne Louise White Leverett Community ChorusAnne Louise White Leverett Community Chorus